Ah...this AM I was up and into the gym. I woke up starving so I ate an apple on the way - it seemed to sit OK in my stomach which is good. Usually I can't eat before I workout or I feel nauseous...but today it was fine. I did my deadlifts and lunges and squats and a few other things and then 29 sweaty minutes of cardio. I tried to do 1 legged squats - heh. Currently - impossible. I did 6 on each leg fully assisted by pulling myself up onto a weight rack. After seeing a workout on I am determined to be able to do 10 on each leg. It may take ma all year, but I'm adding it to my workouts...when I first started I could only do 2 or 3 one legged lunges and I'm up to 20 on each leg, so I know i can do it if I slowly work up to it. And my ass will look fantastic :)
Today is another day with healthy meals and snacks.

Yesterday was wonderful. It's so nice out finally. Spring has arrived. J met me at work and we walked home along the riverbank and then had BBQ tinfoil potatoes and yams with a few homemade curried pork burgers. Yum. Then I ran a few errands to prepare for my weekend getaway. I'm getting so excited - an old friend of mine is home to Winnipeg from the UK for two weeks and I'm able to sneak away for a long weekend to visit her and her family...AND I'm taking the train :) There was a sale on, and no direct flights there, so for the approximate same amount of time, and very little $$ I can train it to Winnipeg and bus it back (no train on sundays for some reason). I'm so excited....many hours to watch the countryside go by. I'm going to the library tonight to stock up on a few good books (oh my - reading for fun!!), and I'm all kitted out with mini-cheeses, apples, granola bars and beef jerky in case the food car is stocked with less than healthy stuff. I'll have my lappy to work on my thesis if I feel the urge, but I am honestly looking forward to many relaxing hours there and back. I used to bus it everywhere in university (I didn't have a car so I didn't get my licence for years) and I love it on the bus - don't have to drive or pay attention...just relax and let someone else drive while I read, listen to music or do whatever. You meet interesting people...see interesting things. Time to myself to relax - it will be a very cool time. I've never taken the train before here so I'm pumped. My own little adventure :)

And so I must be good - I have some work to finish up so I can take the few days off guilt free and make sure my poor J doesn't starve while I'm away.
Later taters! :)

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