80s flashback

This morning I forgot my headphones so I listened to the gym tunes...it was set on 80s rock. Oh my...nothing like some Van Halen and Heart to get you going. He hee...

I did my dead lifts and lunges and lower body and upper body work, my abs and then 30 minutes on the arc trainer to finish off. It's my friday off work (we get every 4th friday off) so I'm in all day to work on my MSc stuff. I came into the gym at my usual time, but it was nice to not have to rush...I could do everything and enjoy it more.

Now, after a phone meeting with my supervisor, I'm all set for my final (whoop! whoop!) class and I can work on my last paper that I hand in monday. So close to the end...so close. I'm about half done evil paper #2... A weekend of hard work and this puppy will be done.

I must be off for some sciency wiency stuff. Have a great weekend everyone :)



Charlotte said…
Now see, that is PROPER weight floor music. I hate it but I expect it. Do you know what my gym plays? CELINE DION. Sade. U2. That's right: easy listening. It's so bad it's funny...

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