Note to self - do not drink and snarf

This weekend I goofed up a bit food wise. We helped out for a fundraiser where there was delicious cheap beer, and I admit I had *cough* a few. On the way home, after a night of dancing at ~3 AM after tearing down J and I were starving (hadn't eaten since about 5PM) so ...we pulled what we used to do years ago. We went to the local Chester Fried Chicken and got lots of deep fried breaded potato wedges, wings and a kebab...and so help me we ate them all. And they were SO. DAMN. GOOD. And they didn't bother my stomach a bit. Odd, I know.
Not the end of the world, but I think I need to reconsider eating when I'm tipsy...I don't have the best judgement. It would have been wiser to have probably half of what I really was too much. I didn't really need it - well I needed food, but it didn't have to be *that*...I sure wanted it though. I understand why I used to weigh what I did-I just plain love food...and not always the healthy stuff. I know in my mind that I shouldn't indulge...but give me beer or two and my judgement goes out the window. :)
Oh well...just need to not do that regularly, right? I rarely drink now and I can keep on track if I'm careful this week.
Note to self - new resolution -no snackery while tipsy.

Sunday I relaxed a lot - some multigrain waffles and homemade fruit sauce, and I went out to get some new protein powder. I've been meaning to do this for months...the stuff I've been using doesn't dissolve well at all and is soy based, and I've really only been getting it as it's sold where I get groceries so it's convenient. So I went out to the local Popeye's supplement store. They have taste samples of their stuff (and have a zillion kinds) so you can try before you buy. The strawberry was meh, but I did like some of the other flavours...I wanted something interesting besides plain old chocolate or vanilla. I came home with a jar of IsoSensation 93 Cookies and Cream Whey powder-30g of protein per shake and very tasty! Dissolves perfectly and whey based with glutamine in it. It cost way more than the cheap choc soy whey I was taking, but I figure I'm worth it. :)
And so, with a renewed intent, this AM I was up and in the gym to do my butt and arm and ab stuff and 30 minutes on the arc trainer. It felt really good. And my post workout shake was all cookies and creme goodness. MMM...dissolved completely and tasted yummy -I almost didn't want to eat my banana :)
And so I'm into a week of crazy work, but I will persevere.
Much to do!


Yum Yucky said...

haha. Snackery while tipsy? Sheesh. I just can't do it anmyore. The tipsy part, I mean. My body shuts down. But nope, I never have a shutdown over snacks. Ever.

Charlotte said...

Hee - I might actually enjoy my post workout shake if it was cookies and cream!!

Geosomin said...

It really is delicious!