Friday. Finally.

Last night the restaurant goofed up a few things, but I still enjoyed it. It was nice to be out for dinner. Server brought the wrong wine (I ordered the white, but I knew I also liked the red of it so we just kept it - J was none the wiser) and they made a mistake on J's meal (which we realised we paid for later...gggrrrr) but in the end he got what he ordered but my food was yummy. And the dessert? Mmmm.... It was so nice to sit and talk with J for a few hours and relax. I should have been working, but it did me a world of good :) A bit pricey with the wine, but I loved it. It's nice to splurge every once in a while when you can.

This AM I was in to do my regular leg/ab workout and 26 minutes on the bike. I felt a bit sluggish (2 glasses of wine does that to me the next day. I forgot...) but I'm here and eating healthy and enjoying my day. Ze work continues...
I must go. Lots to do.
Have a wonderful weekend!

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Scrumpy said...

Glad you went on your date!

As for yoga, if you want the real Bikram experience, there is just no sub for going to a studio. One, they have the set up to get the studio to 105 degrees. Two, I think to be great at yoga you need someone to guide you in making the small little corrections that make all of the difference. And three, it is so much easier for me to zen out when I'm away from the house with no distractions.

I highly recommend it, but maybe at a quieter time in your life so you can really go for it. :)