Mmmm. Coffee.

I didn't fall down this morning! Hooray! I got to drink all my coffee. AND I finally won a free coffee. I was beginning to think I was cursed. :)
My knee has a slight stiffness from falling down yesterday, but I was careful with it this AM and it didn't give me any grief. I came in and did my butt exercises, a few arm ones and then tried my sets of squats without the Smith machine, as I've read that the unnatural movement it causes can actually do damage to your knees when you do squats with it (squats aren't really ideal for knees in the first place so I'm trying to do what I can). Same weight as on the Smith seemed a lot heavier! Using your core to hold the bar straight and making sure I push up and down straight with no lunges is tricky! I did my sets though.
I was expecting my knee to get annoyed, but it was fine with the step ups and one legged dead lifts too. My swim after the weights seemed to work a few kinks out. Whew. I'm on the raggedy edge stress wise and mood wise with being so busy and I think if my knee gave out right now I'd just curl up in a ball right then and there on the gym floor - my workouts are, at the moment, the one thing I take solace in and can seem to get done. I need them. Yesterday was an exercise in futility as I tried to write a paper but didn't get more than an hour done all told in a 5 hour evening...lots of staring at a blinking cursor and willing myself to work. Feeling burnt out.
I can't wait for sunday.
It's naptime :)

My lovely J has promised me Thai food after work. The trick is I need to get out of the lab tonight in time to get out for it - the place I want to go to stops serving at 7:30 so I'm aiming to be done at 6:30. I have a LOT to do after work. But I'm determined, even if I have to work through lunch - I want my pad thai and coconut dessert! Maybe then I'll be able to write some of my paper (these papers are driving me mad...)

Must be off. Much to do.
Later taters...

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Scrumpy said...

So glad your knee is better.

And you should definitely make time for a date!