She can't handle it Captain! She doesn't have the power!

The warmth has turned campus into a giant puddly skating rink. Eep. I fell this AM. Spilled my coffee (sniff). A little cut and bruise, but I'm OK. Hopefully they'll be out with some sand today and make it safer. There is a LOT of snow to go, and until it all melts it's going to be a gong show :)
This morning I was up and in to do my abfest and 35 minutes on the arctrainer. A nice sweaty way to start the morning. I was very tired, but once I got going, all was well.

I think it was my tiredness, but I did see something this morning that made me annoyed at how little women are taught about some basic things and how people expect things to change for them. In the gym change room there are a few (not enough) outlets and mirrors for use to blowdry/straighten our hair and get ready after working out. 2 girls, who looked about 20, were sharing a mirror and outlet (pretty common as there isn't enough of them) and BOTH pulled out huge blow driers and plugged them in and ahd them going at the same time on the same outlet. Before I could put on my old lady undies and go over and tell them to stop, surprise surprise- the breaker blew. They were annoyed - but not at themselves. Here's the kicker - they said "ugh - that happens a lot. Sheesh - they should build those things better. I mean GOD - they blow all the time. Why don't they change that?"
I casually said - "they'd blow in your house too. Outlets are not made to take that much power draw - a blow drier sucks back a lot of power".
They glared at me and said " I know - why don't they change the power stuff" and got ready. Thing is, they didn't apologise to everyone for blowing out the power or tell anyone at the desk. They just complained as they left about how the electrical systems should be improved so that more can be done on them.
Yeah. Sure. Change the Power Stuff. I like to think that everyone and their dog knows that if you put 2 blow driers on one circuit for a bit, the breaker will blow. Which is good, otherwise your panel box would overheat and melt and your house would burn down. No girls they will not change the entire electrical code of north america to accommodate your blowdrying needs.
I'm not sure why this irks me so much - it was just so profoundly snotty and naive.

So - here's your lesson in electricity today: 2 blow driers on one outlet? Too much. Do not pass go. Do not dry your hair.

OK rant over. Off to work :)


azusmom said...

Ugh, that IS annoying! I know I'm getting old, because I look at teens/20-somethings, and I think how spoiled some of them are, lol!
I have to wonder at some folks; what are they thinking?!?!?! A few days ago I was driving (slowly) through a parking lot: a young woman WALKED IN FRONT OF MY CAR, then turned to glare at me and said "Jesus! Watch where you're going!"

How, exactly, was it MY fault she walked in front of my car?!

Geosomin said...

I know...I think it irks me that it makes me feel old as much as what they actually did irks me :)

Sagan said...

The rhetoric of that is so funny... "ugh, the breaker blew" rather than "oops, I blew the breaker." So much of our language is worded so as to blame other people/things. It's so much better to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY.

Glad you didn't hurt yourself! It's mega slippery out there.