MIddle of the week already?

Last night was a looooong night. I had cells to culture after work. Thankfully our car was fixed (not too serious but still $$) so we had it back to run and get groceries last night - it was another cold cold night. I was supposed to go to J's Mum's for another Tupperware party after that (I keep getting suckered into these things), but by the time we got everything unpacked and had something to eat it was 9. After that I still had some chores to do, and since I was achy I just went to bed early after that. I can tell I needed the sleep, as I woke up this morning right before my alarm and stared at the clock, dumbly wondering what the numbers meant...and then the alarm went off...and I remembered. *sigh* Anyone have mornings like that - where things just don't quite link up in your brain? :)

But, since I was awake I came in to workout this morning. I'm stiff from yesterday - I can tell I haven't done upper body stuff in a few weeks. My arm doesn't hurt where it was injured before though, so that is a very good sign. I'll have to spend some time with my buddy the foam roller and work out some kinks. Today I did 32 minutes on the arc trainer and then lots of abtastic goodness. We are all restocked with healthy food, so I'm contentedly eating my cottage cheese and pineapple and I'm hoping after this big mug of Tim Horton's I'll be ready for today.

Have a wonderful day everybody :)

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