This morning is freezy cold and windy...good day for a swim :)
I was in and did a mix of other stuff in the weight room before a 25 minutes swim (10 lengths! woo!): deadlifts, weights for my knee, 1 legged lunges and a some rowing and arm weight stuff. I still can only do 2 sets of T arm lifts with 8Lbs without my arm starting to complain, but it's a start. I'll build it back. Between lower weights and swimming it's going to be all good!

Tonight is grocery night. It's also blizarding fiercely at the moment and our car is going in for a mystery repair this morning (oh please be quick and cheap to fix...) so grocery trip may be a gong show. I may have to resort to a cab to get it all home...we'll figure it out I hope. Should be an adventure :)

Have a great day all!

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