I have the ennui at the mo.
I'll get over it I assume.
Soon hopefully.
Fact is, it's cold and dark and winter is hanging about longer than it should be. I am quite tired and I have too much work to do...wanting to hide under the duvet for a week or so and drink cocoa.
BUT, I am not letting it get to me...much. Quite simply because I can't. I have to keep going. I'm getting in my workouts because they help a LOT with stress relief, and help me feel good about myself. This morning I did my new butt stuff and some shoulder weights and had a nice long 25 minute swim - 11 lengths today! Swimming is so relaxing. I need to find my noseplug though -I do a terrible front crawl without it...I kept taking in water and sputtering and coughing...so it was mostly froggy swimming this morning. Still - I can do the front crawl now without my arm complaining now, so it's a plus.
I'm gearing up for another long day and psyching myself up for a long month. I realised last night I need a day to work towards - something to work hard for as a reward...so I'm trying to think of something cool or a day off or something that I can have all for myself. We shall see...it may just be me hiding for a day and napping. We'll see...
Well, my ennui and I should get to it. Have a great day all...



azusmom said…
I'm so sorry! You're in the middle of The Quagmire, and the only way out is through. (Calling it "The Quagmire" makes me laugh when I'm in the middle of it, so hopefully it'll make you smile. If I just made it worse, then I am VERY SORRY and will go sit in a dark corner and think about what I've done!)
Maybe you can have a Mid-Winter's Bash? You and some friends can get together and have a "beach" party at home, with lots of lights turned on, everyone in shorts and Hawaiian shirts, sunscreen, frothy drinks...
We did that once during a particularly heinous winter in Massachusetts, and it lifted our spirits quite a bit.
Geosomin said…
You're a genious!

I'm thinking...Toboggan party!
Followed by an indoor beach party...and drink swith little umbrellas. We live right by a toboggan hill. Might as well use this winter if it won't go away...
Yes. :)

And no worries...quagmire does make me grin. :)
Charlotte said…
Hahah - Ennui perfectly describes me at the moment as well! And I totally agree that it has something to do with this miserable winter.

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