I learned something today

This morning I did my dead lifts, lunges and one legged squats and a few other leg things, some arm work and my abfest, and then hopped on the arc trainer for the 26 minutes I had left. I was pleasantly surprised that my knee, altho stiff yesterday, was fine. The most interesting thing was that the arc trainer can talk to my Polar HR monitor. (yes-I actually remembered to wear it today!) With robot help I made sure I was above 80% my whole work out (and learned I burned over 400 calories in my total workout...I'm such a geek about numbers...) and it was cool to not have to hold on to the little panels on the machine every once in a while to check my heart rate - it read it right off my chest strap. I'm going to definitely do this again...I find I push myself more when I know my heart rate.
It feels good to be up on top of my workouts when I am floundering at the rest of things. I'm getting discouraged with school - there never seems to be quite enough time in the day. I'm mopey mostly as J is sick so he's staying away so I don't catch it...so my snuggle recouping has been sorely lacking the last few days. I need a hug, a tutor and a nap today, in no particular order. I'm hoping I can finish off my first final paper this weekend, as I have a speech and another paper to give next weekend...man...I'm just too busy. I keep working after I get home from work and my labwork until I can't concentrate anymore, but it's just a lot of information to summarize into a few small papers. And THEN I have to think about it and discuss it.
And then it's up again at 5:20 to do it all over again.
Oh lordy. All board the train to whackadoo!
It's gonna be a long weekend!

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