Bring it on baby!

I fear I have caught J's cold. Nothing for it really. I currently just feel a little (more than normal) tired and am talking like Leonard Cohen. If it stays like this I can handle it. We'll see...if nothing else I can have fun with my new voice. This weekend I had a nice time out with some girls from work. It was the annual Hindu Society Vegetarian Banquet and one of the ladies I work for (from India) dressed us all up in saris with jewelry and bindis and we all had a fun night out, all dressed up and had a delicious meal. It was fun. My friends birthday was the same day, so I met her and J and some friends later for drinks still in my get very interesting conversations and looks in full indian gear (as a white girl) in a dance club. It was a hoot. Sunday I tried to sleep a lot and relax a bit with J. I made some yummy Pumpkin Carrot muffins (I made them with whole wheat flour, fat free sour cream and no frosting) and just relaxed and tried to unwind and rest up for this week. Both J and I have a crazy week ahead...I'm hoping I don't get too sick because I quite frankly don't have time. But, it is what it is. I'll just do my best and that's all I can do.

This morning I was up and in the gym. I picked up a few new workout shirts on sale over the weekend so I got to wear something new to workout in. :) I did my butt stuff together with some arm work and my abfest and then the 26 minutes I had left on the arc trainer. I bumped up to 15 Lb dumbells for the military press, curls and bent over back rows and used them for my squats too. I like doing the squats better with the dumbells up on my shoulders instead of the barbell. I have more control...less knee stress. AND I feel like I can go deeper into the squat - for whatever that's worth... It must be me getting sick because at first, every move was a challenge and I was out of breath, but then when I pushed through and made it to the cardio, no matter what I did or tried my heart rate wouldn't go up too much...very low and zen even when I pushed. Weird. Oh well. I got in a solid workout and my lungs didn't complain.

I even drank my whole bottle of water this AM while working out. That's my goal this next month - to drink enough water. I really don't. Coffee and diet coke are far too much of my liquid intake lately, so I'm upping the water. If I have to resort to crystal light to get in enough I will. Especially if I'm getting sick, I'll need my liquids.

And now, it's off to dive in head first into this week of insanity. 2 papers due and a speech on friday...and 9 cancer cell lines growing and a full time job. And it's PMS time. Bwahhahaha! Who's with me on 17 hour days ! Oh Yeah! Bring it on baby! :) Let's roll....

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