Catastrophe averted

Wow. I am grateful this morning that J still has a job. The company he works for fired 500 people yesterday. 70 locally. Over half of the people employed here are GONE. We figured something was up but we had no idea how massive the reorganization would be. J and his immediate coworkers are still there, but it is a very somber thing to see many people you know just immediately will not be the same place to work anymore. Two years ago they flew all the employees and their spouses to Calgary for the day for a dinner and concert. Yesterday this. How things have changed...
This morning I crawled out of my warm cozy bed to come in and workout. My knee has been really weird lately, so I nixed the 30 Lb barbell squats for dumbbell ones with only 12 Lb dumbbells on each side, but did the rest of my butt and arm stuff very carefully. Then I had a nice swim (11 lengths) and am now in at work, yogurt and granola in hand after my cookies and cream reward. Another long day.

I am grateful for what I have today. All the little things AND the big things.
So much to do...later taters :)

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azusmom said...

Glad your hubby still has a job!!!!! I hope he'll still enjoy it, even with all the changes.
It IS amazing how much has changed over the past year. Pretty scary, actually.