Day 2 of Crazy Go Nuts University Week

Last night was a long night - in at work after work in the lab until 9PM and then home to work a few more hours on a paper, pack up healthy meals for today and then off to bed. I was up and in again this morning do a bunch of leg stuff, and a few arms moves and a lovely 11 lanes of glorious swimming before work. I still haven't gotten any more sick, so I'm crossing my fingers because overall I feel pretty good! I'm not sniffing or coughing...just all bass voiced. I have a whole week or two of this crazy schedule, but I'm blindingly optimistic for whatever reason...happy -dare I say chipper?

I lost my bus pass this morning after when I got on my first bus and when I went to get on my second bus, even when I want back and around, no one admitted to picking it up (grrr) but it's only 2 days left until the end of the month so it's no big deal. I'll get by. I'm in such a good mood it isn't really bothering me much...weird huh? I figure I'll take it! I'm running with it and getting it done.

Gotta go! :) Have a great day!

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