Hooray for nice peoples

I'm so pleased - someone turned my bus pass into the transit office downtown (along with my driver's license which was with it that I hadn't noticed was gone-whew!). People are nice after all! I love knowing I'm not too naive in thinking the world can be a good place... :)

After another long night of working working working I got home...and worked a bit more. Then I packed up a healthy supper for me for work and crashed. Today I am meeting J downtown for lunch and will pick up my pass at the transit office before going back here to my crazy life...he's been having a stressful time at work since the apocalyptic firing day. I haven't seen hima lot lately with work and since he'll be nearby at lunch I can't wait to spend a little time with him when I'm not half asleep. I heart him :)
I came in this AM to work out and I rocked it. I did some t arm raises and rowing, but it was mostly one big abfest with a few push ups thrown in. Then I threw on some trance podcasts and went at the arctrainer for 35 minutes. Felt so good! I was going to use my interval timer in my ab stuff but the battery I found to put in it died (sigh) so I just winged it -lots of abby goodness for me. Add in a good breaky and some coffee and I'm good to go. Another looooong day. But it's going OK. Still not any sicker...and work is getting done.
I read the other day about making oatmeal with coffee instead of water and tossing in some cocoa and cinnamon. I'm so curious...I'm totally doing that saturday morning. Yum...

Have a fantastic day!

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Jody - Fit at 53 said...

You just always amaze me with how much you fit in a day!! In awe!