"Batteries not included"

3 of the saddest little words I ever did read :)
I was inspired by BodyRock TV and ordered my GymBoss timer a few weeks ago to do some more focused interval training and add some focus and newness to my workouts...maybe try out one or two of her insane workouts on the weekends at home to keep it interesting. I am clumsy, so not having to keep an eye on the clock while trying to do HIIT or other intense exercises seemed like a good idea. :)
I waited like a little kid waiting for Christmas and yesterday when I got home from work it was there! This morning on the bus to the gym I was all excited. I opened it and was looking through the insert to figure it out so I could use it today - today is my catch all/abs/interval day so it was a perfect day to start with it. Aaaaand the instructions begin with "insert a fresh AAA battery into the Gymboss timer"...well crap. Where am I going to get a AAA battery on campus at 6:15 AM?
Yeah...so, I just contented myself with staring at it and pushing the buttons. It's cool and black and shiny. On my way home tonight I will get a battery and tomorrow I'll try it out on some HIIT sprints or something.
This morning I just did 5 minutes on the treadmill with the intent of doing HIIT sprints at 2% incline, but my knee felt odd, so I switched to the bike and did 30 minutes hard pedalling at resistance 4. Then lots of ab work and some push ups and I was done. I earned my cookie shake today :) Now I'm snarfing my granola and yogurt and coffee and getting ready for another long day. I'm trying not to worry as something big is going down at J's job today - a bigwig is flying in to meet with all the departments and that is usually not good. He's sick so he is bummed at having to go in while ill to meet with bigwigs when he'd rather just take Nyquil and sleep, but I'm hoping when I get home I will see him napping, destressed and (knock on wood) still gainfully employed...trying not to think about it and just get some work done. There's no way to know what will happen really...

Hope you all have a good, battery filled day :)


Scrumpy said...

I'll be thinking about you today. Fingers crossed it all turns out well.

azusmom said...

Same here! Holding good thoughts!

(And, yeah, I hate "batteries not included." Boo!)

Charlotte said...

I love my gymboss! That said, only Gym Buddy Allison knows how to program it (for only having two buttons, it sure is complicated. If she's not in the gym, we resort to using a clock. Seriously. So get some batteries so you can tutor me in how to use mine!