I am normal!

Well, I stepped on the scale this morning...and the world is not ending. I weigh 59 kilos. That is 0.5 kilos up from last time...about 1 Lb. Random. I am not concerned. I'm embarrased to admit I am very relieved. Essentially I'm the same as I was 3 weeks ago. It has reaffirmed that I only need to do this monthly to keep from slowly drifting upwards and not obsess...because honestly, I feel the same. Unless I go up more above 60 kilos I'm going to just keep on steady as she goes and not think of changing. If my clothes fit the same and I look basically the same I imagine I should weigh toughly the same too. Go figure. It was nice for the world to confirm this to my brain though. Very nice. So take that scale...I can do this on my own thank you very much!

I had a much nicer weekend this one and got in some vegging as well as hard work on my MSc, as well as a night out with my husband. I ate healthy with a few glasses of wine and felt ready to jump back into the week. I also devised a healthy yummy oatmeal spice muffin recipe with coconut in. Mmmm...I must make more of them for work snacks. Yum.

March is crazy month. Lots to do...but I've done it before, so I know I can do it again. Just a few more months and then my classwork component is done and I'll have cell lines grown up for the last part of my project. Just have to keep it together until then...*fingers crossing*

This morning I was up and in the gym. I did a modified lower body workout - the knee raise step ups on the 20 inch step, plus 1 legged deadlifts, smith squats, ab work and some sets of arm work too (yay!) with 12 Lb dumbells for most and 5 Lb for the one movement that I hurt my arm with before. Testing the waters. We'll see how my arm feels tomorrow. Then I hopped on the bike for 28 minutes...all is good.

Random event - Today I am, for the first time in about 7 years, wearing a ponytail. It's been SO long...feels weird but cool. My hair is finally getting long again :)

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Charlotte said...

Yay for scale sanity! So proud of you!!