Quick trip to the lake

I am very tired today. Long weekend and not enough sleep, but it was a good one.

I had a good weekend at my Dad's. I went through everything with him and he's rather nicely settled in now at the cabin as his home. It wasn't as much work as I feared, as he'd already done a lot but it still took us all day. He really needed a visit too, so it was nice to be able to help him and chase away the lonelies. I also got to make some yummy baked trout with riced potatoes, green beans and apple pie...he doesn't cook up a lot of fancy food for himself so it's nice to cook up a bit of the good stuff for him while I'm there. :)

J and I had hoped to get out snowshoeing on the lake (it was frozen and covered in snow and beautiful) but I just didn't have the juice after it was all said and done. We went for a brisk hour long walk on saturday as the weather was at ~0 and sunny and lovely, and that was enough. There was much lazying and snacking on sunday I admit. It was not so good for me, but it was what it was. In the end we headed back home to "normal" life. It is good to be home but I don't like being back in crazy busy land. The cabin is my favourite place on earth. I relax as soon as I arrive...I miss it already, but in the end, there's no place like home. :)

This morning I got out of bed and since my arm has ached all weekend (seriously starting to worry me a bit - it is a deep muscley ache) I did not do any upper body weights today. In fact, if it doesn't seriously start healing up soon I'll be getting it checked - I think I may have actually pulled a muscle because depending on the way I turn my arm it can be totally fine or if I sleep on it wrong or twist it strangely it will just throb and feel like there is something rubbing on the bone of my arm - like an arm shinsplint for lack of a better word. Yeah, weird and not just a simple thing I fear. It ached enough when I slept on it wrong that I actually dreamt about it (zombie bite dreams anyone?) ...so I'm being very kind to it. Instead of weights (*sniff*) I just did 30 minutes on the treadmill at 2% incline at very fast walk with 30 second sprints every 3-4 minutes. Then a bunch of ab-work. I feel really good, although I missed pumping iron. I must be a patient grasshopper tho- I need my arms :)

We don't celebrate valentines day as a rule, but I do plan on a nice supper with some wine and canoodling...:) After all, any day is love day!

Have a great day everyone...hug someone you love today.

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