Friday off

Ah. I get every fourth friday off work, which means I can sleep in a bit...and then come in and work on my MSc stuff. Whee. Actually it's not so bad. I like the hour of sleep I can snag and workouts are a bit less hectic, as I'm not under the gun to have to be at work at a specific time. Much less stressful. I came in and did lower body work together with 30 minuts on the bike and a bunch of solid ab work. I feel really good, and now I'm off for a quick coffee and breakfast before I get some work done. Then it's home time...
I'm off to help my Dad unpack in his new place'll be a long day, but it will be nice to see him for a bit. I'm glad I can help him out with little will feel good to know he's settled in, and I can leave him with some healthy baking before I come back.

But first, numbers to crunch and oh so exciting analysis to do.
Have a great weekend!

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Cascia said...

Enjoy your day off and have a great weekend!