"Of making many books there is no end, and much study wearies the body"

Yesterday was really odd. I was so very tired all day (I didn't get much sleep so not too surprising), but I was also so very HUNGRY. ALL afternoon, even after eating. And it wasn't a hormonal or emotional hunger...a deep hunger -for some kind of sustenance that I was obviously lacking. I honestly felt like the Master in the season 4 finale of Doctor Who..."so very hungry"...

At first I wondered if it was emotional or tired hunger, so I tried to keep it subdued with tea and munched a few granola bars at work. I ended up stuck there late, so I only got home at ~8. On my way home I wondered if I just needed protein as the mix of tiredness (being too tired is proven to release the hormones that make you hungry) and my arm healing was just too much...so I picked up one of those small ready roasted chickens and took it home. Then I settled in and I had a small potato and HALF THE CHICKEN. Yup. It was a lot of protein. And it was delicious. (and I'd like to add that unlike the master I did use cutlery..)
Only then, after a large glass of water, was I actually satisfied. Full. Satiated. It was weird. Perhaps a bit too much meat, but man. It was like I filled a void that had been there all day. And today my arm hurts less. Very bizarre.
And, then, since J was working, I just went to sleep. And for once I was not woken up for long when he got home late from work (I forgot he worked last night). I went right back to sleep and woke up this morning and actually felt rested. And best of all, not stupidly hungry (well at least not yet any ways).

This AM my arm ached a bit less. I did my lower body workout and 30 minutes on the bike. I have a healthy breakfast and lunch (the rest of the tiny chicken with a salad!) and feel more human today. I got excited this morning, as I saw a personal trainer put a few girls much older than I through a killer all over workout and it got me thinking about some new things I could do once my arm heals up. Some different ideas for workout moves. And so I'm going to do some research and reading. I'm giving my arm the time off until March to heal properly Then...I hope I can begin a a real workout revamp-starting Rachel Cosgrove's program. I need something new. I want a challenge for spring...to keep me going so that come summer I can rock the beach :)

Have a good day all!

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azusmom said...

Sounds like you needed good food and a good rest. So glad you got both!
Also glad you're not like the Master in other ways. Y'know...crazy, lol!