Naptime makes it all better

It's positively tropical out now compared to the last few days. It's great! Last night I kept nodding off doing readings for my assignment so I just gave up and went to bed early. Man...the extra sleep was nice. I feel much better today.

This morning I was in and did my upper body workout and then 30 minutes on the bike. I upped the tension from 3 to 4 today. It all felt great and I stuck with the 12.5 dumbells. They'r enot girly so I feel all strong when I use them. Hee hee. Aaaaaaaand - I'm up to 2x12 reps of bench-pressing an empty bar. Wohoo! It may seem silly, I know it's just an empty bar, but I love how it feels to do that. I never thought I could ever do it and honestly -I've never felt more strong than when I do that. My goal (and I'm getting a random stranger to take a pic that day I swear!) is to bench-press a bar with actual weights on it! I don't care if it's just 5 Lb extra - I'll be grinning from ear to ear for days when I do that! :)

I must run. Today is a busy day full of coolness. I'm optimizing a new lab method and then I get to test it out on cell line DNA and real people's DNA. Mapping genetic mutations. The geeky fun stuff! I love it.

Have a great day guys!


Sagan said...

I am so not a scientist but mapping genetic mutations sounds like tons of fun! It is amazing, the things that we can do with scientific progress.

azusmom said...

True, what Sagan said!

I kinda love hangin' out with the guys in the free weight room, grunting and groaning right along with them, lol!