Dim Sum!

I'm so glad it's friday. I'm excited to learn but dreading that I have a training conference all day tomorrow (boo) and have to work on my MSc a lot too sunday (meh) but this week has just flown by in a whirl of busy and tiredness. Having reading to do is so more consuming than I'd thought and it's really hard to read when you're tired (I jsut read the same page over and over with my head bobbing up and down). Plus things keep coming up out of the blue for me to do and deal with at home so the time I keep setting aside to do reading keeps getting eaten up. In the end though, the main thing is I have not slept or seen my luv enough. He has been wonderfula nd sweet, but I have missed time with him. Soon...sunday will come. Here's to pancakes and naps...part of that day is ours. Everyone else can just go away for a few hours.

This AM I was up and in to work out and did my lower body work and some abs work. I was able to do a few more lunges this morning which was nice. I cut down the bike to 25 minutes though, as everyone seemed to be taking the one piece of equipment I needed when I needed it today so it took me a few minutes longer to get through my workout and still have time for a shower before work. It feels good to have worked out though...

I'm pumped. Today at lunch we're going out for dim sum...it's been YEARS (since we were last in Vancouver on holidays) that I've had me some dim sum -my husband and most people I know aren't fans, so I rarely go (and to be honest there isn't much for good dim sum out here). I love it and I'm curious to check out the new dim sum place down town with a few coworkers...hopefully it's good and we'll go more often.

Must be off. Have a great weekend everyone.

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