It's a cold one

It's been a busy day! Haven't had time to pop in until now.

This AM I braved the stupid cold to come in to work out. It is the coldest day yet this winter: -41 plus some wind. Oh yeah...frostbite season. I had 2 pairs of pants plus all my winter gear and a balaclava on my face to head out to the bus stop...thankfully all the buses were on time. I'm amazed every winter we all just go about as business as usual when it's like this. If you're dressed well you're toasty, but I certainly wouldn't travel any distance in this's too dangerous to be stuck outside in it for too long. And to think it was +4 last week. This province is mad...Thankfully this extreme only lasts a day or so here and there in Jan and Feb- it's supposed to warm up into more civil temps by the weekend.
I did my lower body workout today and was pleased that my knees were happy with both lunges and bulgarian one legged squats today. It seems it is when I add extra weight that they are I'll just increase reps gradually or add other exercises instead. After 30 minutes fast walking on an inclined treadmill for a break from the bike I had a nice hot shower before heading in to work. I've got healthy food and a nice mug of coffee and I'm having a good, if not stupidly busy day. I'm trying to listen to my body for what it wants and give it that. Thankfully the PMS food cravings seem to be fading so I'm a lot more sane today...that helps me learn to listen to my inner voice better - it's finally louder than the "I WANT CROISSANTS!!" PMS voice again :)

Have a good one everybody :)

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