Last night was a long evening. A cold cold day too: -31. To celebrate getting thru it all, J and I figured we'd order chinese from a new place. It took waaaay too long (didn't arrive until 8:30) and when it did it was someone else's order...heh. Whoops. Thankfully I liked all of it. There was a lot of shrimp which J doesn't like, but considering a lot of it was mystery stuff, I picked out the seafood and it turned out to be OK. Only the odd face from J. We get credit on our next order, so it's all good...
This morning I was up and in to workout. I could really feel what I did yesterday, so I modified my lower body workout, seeing as I already did some of those muscles yesterday. I still got a lot in and did my abfest too. The gym was a bit late opening, so my cardio was just 20 minutes. I ramped up the treadmill to 4% and had a felt good.
Now I'm in on another freezing day to get things done in the lab. It's another weekend of MSc stuff, but I get to go see my husband play music saturday night, so that will be a very nice break.

Hope you all have a great weekend :)

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