HIIT biking and curry. A great combination...

Last night I had a bit of a panic...I never weigh myself at night but in a fit of stupidity I did...after a long day with much liquid and after a healthy but large meal. Dumb. I freaked as I seemed to have gained 4 Lbs...which this AM were mostly gone, but it freaked me out a bit. So this morning I decided no more scale until March 1. Because really - if I'm working to gain muscle and be healthy I may gain a pound or two,. I'm trying to go by how my clothes fit and how I feel. And quite frankly - not to brag, but I think I look pretty damn good today :) I'm going to just use the digital one at the gym once a month to keep myself from drifting too far. I know I weighed 58.5 kilo Feb.1, so I'm aiming to be around the same on March 1st. It's all doable. And far less crazy making.

I like non-crazy...

This morning I was up and in the gym to do lower body work and 30 minutes on the bike. I did HIIT interval biking this morning. It's been a while...whew! What a rush :) It felt good. I also learned another reason why HIIT training is good for me. I always have a swig of water after each intense interval and end up drinking my whole water bottle by the end. Otherwise I tend to forget about it and I'm sure I don't get enough water...I'll have to remember that.
I had a healthy breakfast and then I had a healthy lunch...which I admit got thrown out the window when one of the doctors offered to take me out for indian food. YUM. I didn't overdo it, but indian food tends to have a lot of oil in it...so I tried have just a little of each thing. It was SO YUMMY. Wow - Why do my coworkers all have to be from other delicious countries? I can resist bad foods when I'm out in a regular restaurant, but take me out for indian, mexican or thai food and I'm in heaven. Fresh naan, pokoras and mataar paneer? Mmmmm... :)

Ah well. It's all about figuring out how to live and maintain-right? It's tricky this life business. I'll figure it out eventually I think. My trusty HR monitor and I will get it together...:)

Courage ;D

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Charlotte said...

This may be the best title ever written! You crack me up. And your scale decision - you won't regret it! It's hard at first but it's so worth it!