*blink* where did the weekend go?

Wow - what a busy weekend. My supervisor was in town from Toronto so I spent most of the weekend working on MSc stuff with her before she flew home sunday. Thankfully J and I got time together in the morning on sunday for french toast and mango sauce (mmm...I love homemade fruit sauce) and then I was back after supper as well so we could spend some time together. I wish I'd had a bit more free time, but it is what it is. I got a lot of important work done and know where I'm going with my next steps in my project and I got to sleep in on sunday :)

I'm curious to see how a month of intuitive eating works for me. I've just eaten reasonably when I felt hungry lately, and stuck to healthy things and I feel fine. I weigh the same, so I think it's a good thing to be doing. I find I'm thinking about food less, which is my main goal.

This morning I was up and in to the gym to workout. I did my upper body and ab workout. My left arm is a bit stiff, so I lowered the weights to 10Lbs for the side dumbell raises, but everything else was OK. The guys were hogging the weight bars so I only got in one set of lifting the bar without anything on it, but it was a good workout. I did my time on the bike at tension 4 and now I'm in on another cold day at work. I had some fresh blackberries this morning with my cottage cheese...heavenly. I love blackberries...
Tonight I have a lot of number crunching to do and some housework to catch up on, but it's all good. Busy, but at the end of the day I can look back on a day full of useful things done well (knock on wood).

Have a wonderful day out there everyone. I will try to keep from freezing solid and gt some work done :)

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