Too easy- I call shenanigans

I was up and in on this chilly day for my ab day this seemed too easy.
I did 30 minutes at 2% incline, fast walking with HIIT sprints every few minutes, and before i knew it it was over. Weird. Then I did some solid ab work, and planks again and used the foam roller on my lower body to work out some kinks. This time I could only get up to 70 second planks per side. Tough things those planks :)

I'm pumped to try a few new things in the kitchen soon, as I finally got around to picking up some agave syrup last night at Costco. It's supposed to keep your blood sugar from spiking, so I'm curious to see if it really does that for me in baking. I have a few recipes with it I've wanted to try. I really don't go much for sweet things, so I find sugar really hits me when I indulge, so I'd like to know I have a bit more of a balance to things.

I also have some curried goat inside a hollowed out squash from a friend of mine to try for supper tonight. He said to bake it for 40 minutes and then I can scoop out the curry and the squash, and eat it right in the shell with the squash acting like a little orange bowl. I'm so excited...I haven't had curried goat for ages (I love having friends from all over the world who pay me for a ride to Costco with curry :) ). I'm also itching to make up some carrot apple beet juice and use the pulp for some morning glory muffins...that may be this weekend tho. Time is still too scarce. I think I'll bake some up for my Dad and take them when I pop in to see him. He doesn't get any fresh baking and I know he'd never make any for himself.

Anyways, I must be of to scienceland. Much to do today...take care everyone. Try not to freeze :)

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