Ah. Snow.

We got a white dump of snow last night - about 8 inches...
This morning I got up a few minutes early and shovelled snow before I headed out on the bus. I didn't know if J would get to it before he left and I didn't want the mailman to die bringing us the mail. My arm still isn't good enough for full on weights, but it was OK with 10 minutes of shovelling fluffy snow. My husband was out on another late night so I figured I'd cover his snow duty.
Then it was in to the gym. It was a great tromp thru the snow to get there. One thing I love about being on a 6 AM bus is generally there's very little snow clearing yet before I head out...so I get to wrap myself up like sausage and tromp thru it all like a little kid. Just me and the jackrabbits :). At the gym, since it's no arms for a while yet (and I figure shovelling was enough) I hopped on the arc trainer and thought I'd see how long I could go. Thankfully my knee gave me no complaints and I was on that puppy for 45 minutes on an interval program. Good stuff :) It felt great...listened to some great music, read a magazine and had a great workout. It's reading week on campus so the gym is a little mellow. It's nice to not be so crowded.
And now, it's work time. I'm a bit tired, but today I'll get it done here in time to head home to... some more MSc work. Yes. Whee.
Have a good day all. Try not to get buried under all the snow :)

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