Holiday Cheer

Hello there lovelies!
I hope you all had a marvelous holiday. I did. I didn't go too crazy and I seem to have only gone up a few pounds on the scale. I had 3 family meals, plus I've been home and cooking up all my favourites, because I simply have the time. I'm not one for sweets and such, to that's not a problem for me this time of year. Even eggnog is rather meh. I just don't like the bloated feeling I get when I overeat so I generally don't too much. It's the Johnnycake and pancakes that get me :). But I know a few days of this is OK, and I'm now back at things. I wanted to log the last 2 workouts I've had now that I'm back on program again. I've been in the last two days for a full on workout. Yesterday was lower body and abs with 30 min HIT jog/run and today was upper body with 30 minutes on the bike. Booya.
I've pretty much confirmed something I suspected about the multiple benefits of exercise for me. It's amazing how at the beginning of this week I was really actually cranky from not working out for 4 days. It just didn't work out for me to get to the gym and there was no time at home. I was getting stressed out over silly things and I couldn't figure out why...until yesterday after my workout when I felt level and good again. All zen. Go figure :)

I got Rachel Cosgrove's book for Christmas and I'm quite excited. I'm hoping it will give me the advice and tips to bring things up a bit to the next level this coming semester. I need advice as far as weights go. I want to work out more with my minimal time. I'm quite excited about what this semester will bring me. I can't wait.
I'm also excited as I have an outfit for new years party that ROCKS. There are leggings involved...and I look great in it :) Who would have thought!
Have a most excellent New Years everyone. I'll pop in when I can.
Love to you all :)


Charlotte said…
Ooh I bet you looked adorable in your leggings! And yay for Rachel Cosgrove - I hope you love it as much as I have!!
Sagan said…
Hurray! It's so good to look forward to everything that is coming towards you.

I've never heard of Rachel Cosgrove before - let us know what you think of the book.

It's funny how much exercise affects us... we need the right balance of it to feel energized instead of sluggish!

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