The one where I missed all the buses

Last night was a comedy of errors.
A bunch of us from work met for drinks after and I managed to get there a bit late, and then missed my bus to leave, so I sat with a coworker for a bit until his ride came and then caught the next one 30 minutes later (the bus service here is not stellar). I had to run some errands and got stuck talking to someone that wouldn't stop (I have no skills to shut that sort of thing down when I have to leave)...finally got away and tried to go home....and missed the bus. So I went inside the mall and went shopping a bit - found a nice pair of cords (size 5!) and came out...and missed my bus again. So...bit more unsuccessful shopping and finally made a bus to get home about an hour after I'd planned...I did about an hour of studying but then I kept falling asleep so I just gave in and went to bed. I must have needed it as I fell asleep in seconds and I woke up this morning feeling very rested. Unfortunately I didn't get in half the studying I had hoped, but I'm thinking the sleep did me more good...knock on wood.
AND today is another day, and J is picking me up after work so there will be no bus issues. :)
Tomorrow I have a meeting and my MSc I have to go over that a bit tonight and then study study study. (always with the studying)
Think I'll wear my new pants tomorrow for my speech. They fit fantastic. I really can't believe it's me in them. :)

Well. To work. But first...cottage cheese with blueberries and pineapple. Mmmmm....

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