Speech in my pajamas

I got up this AM for my arms and cardio workout. Upper body + 30 minutes on the arc trainer. Then cottage cheese with pineapple and blueberries for breakfast. YUM.

After much meetings, and finishing up my last paper that is due (he hee) I have to give my speech today for my MSc that was rescheduled. I think I'm ready. When I missed my bus the other day I picked up an awesome pair of cords, and they fit perfectly. I've gotten compliments all day on how I look... and many comments on the thinness. It's kind of creeping me out actually. Oh well...I do feel all posh and smart in my new comfy stretch cords and a nice black sweater. The cords look great but feel like pajama pants. So nice...

Hopefully the speech goes well. Then I can hand in my paper...and THEN...study all weekend . Oh joy. :) 4 days left! Meep!

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azusmom said...

LOVE it when clothes feel lie pajamas!!!!!