Just call me Busy Bee

This morning is a chilly one. I woke up with a killer headache - I think I've been up too late too much working on homework lately. It was another late night, but we went grocery shopping and are stocked up on all kinds of yummy healthy stuff. We even have persimmons :).
I came in today to do 36 minutes on the arc trainer and then some core and ab work. The gym is so quiet these days. It's nice. I'm sort of dreading what I expect will be a January rush. Usually it's a challenge to find an outlet to plug in your dryer to. This morning I had my pick of them all...

After a nice breakfast I'm ready to go... I'm hoping tonight I can finish my paper so I can study for my monday exam. Busy busy busy. Bee bee bee.

But soon. Soooooon! Muahahaha!

Music to work out to: Freestylers - Pressure Point.

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