lunar loveliness

This AM I was up and in the gym for my leg work, as well as 30 minutes on the treadmill -fast walking with a 2% incline. I feel lazy though...I always do when I walk and don't run. Like I'm cheating. I know it was good for me though, and until the pool reopens mid january I'm filling in my tuesdays and thursdays with other things...the bike just gets boring so I'm trying to change it up a little.
Today I have a solstice party to go to after work...can't wait. Visiting with good friends. Tasty food. Wine. Hopefully some skating...maybe a walk outside.

Hope you all caught the lunar eclipse last night. It was gorgeous. We set the clock to get up to see it. It was chilly but worth beautiful. It was the first lunar eclipse on the solstice since the middle ages...I'm glad it wasn't clouded over. If it weren't for the big tree in the yard we could have watched it from our bed out the window. THAT would have been the best :)

Have a great day!

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azusmom said...

I've had to settle for pictures. It was too overcast here. But, wow, i was gorgeous!!!!!
I love the solstice!