I'm tellin y'all it's sabotage!

Long fun weekend.
I have a great trim and colour in my hair and I've finished up my christmas shopping.
Yesterday was christmas dinner at J's grandma's and it was a nice visit. I ate well, but healthy, and received lots of compliments. I wore some of my new clothes that fit well and are really flattering...It felt nice to look nice. And there was turkey and cabbage rolls...mmm...:)
After that it was b-movie night at a friends. We were still full from our big late turkey lunch so we just went over to watch the wierdest christmas film I've seen (a 1959 mexican christmas film called Santa Claus...bizarre). We should have had something to eat first, as we spent the evening grazing on crap food. I didn't have any eggnog, but I did munch on a *lot* of snack mix. I'm not proud of that. I need to learn to not go to where there will be crap food when I will be hungry later...chips are my one munchie weakness. I tried to keep it together but I was hungry towards the end.

And, on that note, I have a rant: I was craving pretzels to munch on last night. I was going to bring some along for when I got hungry at the movie. I figured baked pretzels are relatively healthy right? Sure - but do you think I could find any to bring over to my friend's house? Nope! 4 different places and no pretzels...the closest thing was a munchie mix with some pretzels and sunchips in it. Boo.
More pretzels please!

So this AM I was up and in the gym to pay for my snackery. Upper body weights, 30 minutes on the bike and some ab work and I'm in at work with healthy meals. I know only 1 day of snackery won't hurt me...I just don't want to undo all my hard work by snacking away the holidays. I've pledged this holiday to enjoy every morsel I put in my mouth...and I do. :)
I just need to be mindful and healthy about it...

workout tunes: Beastie Boys: Hello Nasty

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