Klien Yule

This morning is Klien Yule! 2 sleeps until christmas. Me hee!

I discovered many yummy things yesterday. J and I went to see Tron (awesome BTW) and before the movie stopped at a favourite local place for supper. Delicious. Cafe Soleil opened about a year ago and I can't get enough of the place. They make a lot of their own product to sell (jams, jellies, pickles, pasta, flavoured oil...) and pair up with local ethical farms for all their produce. They have a small bakery and store in the back for healthy ethically grown veg and meat and high quality spices and teas and their small restaurant has a killer wine selection and delicious nibbles. I had quiche and a deadly salad with roasted pecans and pickled beets in it. J had something equally nommy. I left with some apple spice butter for christmas morning. Yum. Local grown and made with love. Gotta love it.

This morning I got up and came in to work out. I did a full on upper body workout, with the 10 Lb dumbells and didn't skimp anything. Some mornings you just feel fierce! I also did 20 pushups (girly ones, but still. Booyah!) and then hopped on the bike for 30 minutes. I was a good girl and did my HIT biking...first time in a while. I need to remind myself to push myself sometimes. And now, I feel great.

I've got some clothes on that fit and I just finished a breakfast of some cottage cheese with blueberries and peaches. Yum. Tonight is Kline Yule at my brother's house - his wife's delicious Danish ebelskivers and tiny sausages and mulled wine. And tomorrow is a half day at work...then 10 glorious days off.


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spunkysuzi said...

You are having an awesome week!!