Pudding baby

Last night was nice at first. Little puff pancakes and sausages and games and spiced tea. It was fun. I ate just enough to be happy. Not too much overboard. Any more would have been too much actually. BUT, unfortunately 30 minutes after my sis-in-law presented me with a surprise dessert. She had spent hours making danish rice almond pudding and gave us each a HUGE bowl of it covered in cherry pie filling (??) and gave it to us with a big expectant smile.
Oh dear.
Now I love me some rice pudding, so other than the pie filling (not a fan) I figured it would be OK. It is her favourite thing and I've never tried it before. It was OK...but I know it meant a lot to her (and she is very very sensitive...OK I'm being nice-too sensitive) so I politely ate it all, pie filling included. Not too bad a combination actually, but still...not my thing. I was WAY too full of rich food. It was a cereal bowl FULL of pudding. Just too much, even on an empty stomach. And so for the rest of the evening I felt vaguely ill...even went to bed early with what I can only describe as a "pudding baby" in my stomach. Not sexy. No sir...
I'm not sure how I could have gotten out of that one politely. I suppose I didn't have to eat all of it...I know I certainly didn't need it. It broke my new rule of only eating what I like. I'm actually a bit resentful at it. I think next time I'll ask to take most of it home for later (and politely just not eat it). I see what people mean about a "plan of attack" for eating well over the holidays. I just didn't plan on open pudding sabotage :)
We're over there christmas day and I'm already on edge...they invited us over for early morning waffles and I declined. I want to sleep in and relax with J. We're coming over mid afternoon for supper. I'm bringing some stuff. My sis-in-law wanted to have christmas supper at 3 pm. (WTF??) Thankfully I managed to push it back to the oh so late late hour of 5 PM. I think I am secretly french in that I like to eat a late supper...slowly. She does not and gets rather insane when she doesn't get her way, but I think it should be OK. We shall see what crazies christmas day brings...I'm hoping it's relatively normal. Dealing with difficult people that I can't avoid and must be kind to really takes away form the fun of it all and makes it stressful.

This morning, thankfully my pudding baby was only a memory, so I got up and came in to do a full lower body work out. Legs, abs and 30 minutes hard riding on the bike. I did my best to try and wear off all that damn pudding.

In a tragic offering to the gym gods the squares and a bottle of wine I brought in for my part of the christmas eve lunch nibbles at work tipped over on the gym tile floor and shattered spectacularly...all over the floor and the desserts. Lovely. Glass everywhere in a gym setting. Yeah. They loved me.
I cleaned it all up, but there is no wine or squares to be saved...only a few slightly wine filled Ferrero Rocher. I hope the gym gods appreciate their offering and grant me health and full pudding recovery. I think I'll just suck the wine out of the candies and call it a day :)

I hope you all have a most wonderful day.
Relax. Take the time to be with family if you can.
Tomorrow is Christmas. Enjoy! :)

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azusmom said...

Oh dear, I'm so sorry to hear about all this Stuff!
Just enjoy your Christmas Eve/Morning, then plaster on a smile, keep your head down, and head over to the in-laws'! It'll be over before you know it.

Merry Christmas!