Day off work

Today was my day off, but with a potluck at work so it's been quite a relaxing day. I got to sleep in a fair bit and wander in to the gym whenever I felt like it, have a long, solid unrushed workout (yay) and then a great potluck at work for lunch. I work with people form all over the world so our potlucks there are always great. A little bit of everything to have a bite of. Yum.

I took advantage of the time off and spent the afternoon doing some christmas shopping. It's so much nicer during the day when the crowds aren't so bad. I dislike shopping as a rule, so holiday obligatory shopping gets my hackles up. I just have one person left and I know what I'm getting them, so it's just a matter of picking it up after my haircut tomorrow. Not a lot of gifts this year (drew names for adults or donated to charity for them and then stuff for the little ones) and I'm glad. I only get things for people if it suits them...otherwise $$. But, man that adds up and I'm not really going out of my way to get anything...I can't imagine the stupidity if we had to get gifts for everyone in my family.

I can't wait to get a haircut tomorrow. I haven't cut my hair since we went to Paris in August, so I'm due. I am growing it out, but it needs a little reigning in and my highlights need some love. Then I'll be all reagy for christmas. In my gift shopping I've found a bunch of sale clothes that I can wear, so I now have some jeans and shirts that fit. And some new armwarmers. Oh how I love armwarmers...:)
Have a great weekend everyone :)

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