I managed to snag a bike this morning and did some serious cardio. It felt wonderful. I'm one of those weirdos that gets a buzz an loves pushing myself to fast music. I put on a favourite funky old dance mix CD and after I was good and warmed up I tried a slightly lazy modification of something Charlotte at the Great Fitness Experiment was mentioning earlier in the week - going full out for 30 second intervals to get a more intense workout in a shorter time. I did that every 3 minutes for the last 20 minutes of the does that get your heart rate up there! The last one I could barely finish, but it felt good to push myself. My knee was fine until I did the weights stuff I've been instructed to do - I lightened up on the weights a bit and it seemed it's fine. After some arm weights and some core work I managed to make it to work on time. My robot says I burned 425 calories. Booya. I forgot my milk so I had dry cereal for breakfast...oh yum. Ah well. It won't kill me :)

Today is another long day. I can already feel the difference a morning workout makes compared to the last 2 really helps. I am trying to work hard today so I can enjoy a girls night out on saturday night - I'm going to hang out with 2 old friends and I'm looking forward to it. I have lots of work to get done on the weekend, but still time to hang out with J tonight and on sunday hopefully...maybe bake some muffins. Eat that spaghetti squash that I've had for weeks but haven't had time to eat. I'm on a squash kick lately and I have some pumpkin and butternut squash to use up. Mmmm....

I hope you all have a wonderful day.

Music to pedal too fast to: Chemical Brothers - Brother's Gonna Work It Out

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Charlotte said...

Yay for HIIT!!! Way to go, girl!