Not much fitness-wise to report, other than eating well and biking to work and trying to fit in walks whenever I can. Still crazily busy and whenever I get up at 5 to workout I fall asleep doing important things, so untill things level off a bit I'm sticking to this for my own sanity's sake. I spent 4 hours attacking the yard yesterday so I suppose that accounts for something...even found baby birds in the hedge I was trimming! So cute.

Yesterday I made my first attempt at grilling eggplant (a small baby one) and yams on the BBQ. Rubbed them with olive oil and some Greek steak spice (wanted peppery salt with a few more herbs) and put the yams sliced up in some foil with some onions and cauliflower. Eggplant went right on the grill.

With a bit for rice pilaf?

Healthy eating can be very delicious...:)


azusmom said...

OK, now I'm drooling, lol!

Sagan said...

Grilled yams would be SO good!!

That's really awesome that you got to see the baby birds. And I think that doing yard work is a great workout.