Whoops. Has it been that long?

Oh dear, has it really been that long?

Sorry guys.
I can honestly say I've been busy beyond belief, both with work, my MSc and we just took an incredible 10 year anniversary holiday to Europe to England and France...and the food there? DELICIOUS! Other than an odd fascination with weird potato chip flavours, on the whole we ate very well there. More wine and pints than normal, but we were quite healthy and enjoyed ourselves very much. We got to visit an old friend I haven't seen in years and see Paris. Ah....

And, after my close friend's lovely wedding on this weekend I'm switching back to "normal" life now. Which, sadly, is a bit busy and boring and blah after all this, but I suppose I will figure it out again...I do love my life for the most part and I do feel the need to be back into a bit of a routine again. I feel like a hyper kid on too much sugar in a room of shiny things going "ooh what's that!", "Ooh what's that!" all the time. I want cups of tea and books. I have a feeling spare time will be a rarity in the next semester...I'm giving myself this week to get my house a bit organised and prep for the madness...

And workouts? Well we did walk an average of about 30 K a day on holidays and before then there was much walking and biking as a part of my days, but I'm craving Ye Olde Regular workouts. My knee has been fine since I gave it a bit of a rest after it's latest twinge and it only started to protest on the last day of our epic walking trip around the UK and Paris, so I am pretty confident I can get back into things easily. As much as I adore sleeping in and actually having an hour with my husband in the evening instead of falling asleep around 9:30, soon my 2 classes will start on top of everything else with my MSc and job (gak) so I need the stress release and rush of working out to keep me sane. I'm trying to figure out what I want to do and when and go from there - I hope i can stick with bellydance classes Thursdays still, and add in 3 cardio workouts during the week. I've had Gillian's 30 day shred recommended to me by a good friend so I may bite the bullet and try it...and make friends with the elliptical again.

September is when it all begins ...who's coming with me on the crazy train? :)

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azusmom said...

For me summer is actually the chaotic time, lol! As much as I LOVE summer, it's nice to have the kids back in school and to have a few hours here and there to myself. (I haven't really had a child-free moment in over 6 weeks!)
Good luck with everything!