I heart beets

I was over at my brothers last night for grilled chicken, baked potatoes and steamed beets.
I was reminded yet again, by the rediculous amounts of beets I ate that I LOVE beet root. My brother hates them but his wife and I happily nom them...and the tops too with a bit of vinegar and salt. My husband is not a fan either, but I will happily nibble them up. Usually when he is busy I will make myself a "Lack of J" meal consisting of things I love that he detests: any kind of fish, usually with rice (he's meh about it) and steamed beets.

This saturday he works all day....I plan to run to the farmers market for some beets and have a most excellent munchion.

I will be in beet heaven.



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azusmom said...

I noticed when i was alone with my daughter last weekend (Hubby and Son were camping) how much easier it was to eat, lol! I don't have to take in everyone's likes/dislikes and/or cook 4 different things. There must be a way to do that when we're all home. Oh wait! I'll just have them fend for themselves, lol!