Oh geez.
I was lamenting about how I'd been away so long and all the things I'd been doing.
It was a lovely post really. I was waxing apologetic that I've been busy and that I would try and post more if the insanity ever let up.

Then my computer lost the post....

So please just imagine my business, and all the things I've been up to: family gatherings at the lake, MSc work, Jazzfesting, visiting family here, cleaning up a basement full of sewage (wish I were making that one up), and so much more.
And it is not letting up.
I wish I could say I've been careful with my diet, but on holidays I just ate whatever, and there was much wine (even pink champagne!!!). It was healthy (I was in charge of food) but I wasn't too careful. Thankfully my knee is better again, so I'm biking to work (even through a thunderstorm or two...).
Through all this I've been listening to the new Gorillaz album non-stop. Can't get it out of my head. The tracks "Stylo", "Glitter Freeze" , "Some Kind of Nature" and "On Melancholy Hill" are favourites...
But I must get to work.
A labrats work is never done.
Have a good day all. :)


azusmom said...

Oh geez, sorry about the basement! Glad you're back, though. I've been using you as my role model and biking to work whenever possible. I'm even signing up for a road bike class so I can be a better rider. Oh, and I bought some cold-weather biking gear, so I won't be such a wimp when winter comes around.

Sagan said...

It always sucks when computers don't want to work! And gah about the basement, is everything all fixed?

Hope you've been enjoying all your busy-ness! And I'm glad that your knee is feeling better.