I've got sunshine!!

Yessiree folks - after what feels like a year of constant rain, today we have glorious sunshine and not a cloud in the sky. It's not toasty warm or anything but hot damn, I'll take it!
I rode my bike to work this morning and it was wonderful. Unfortunately the clip that holds my helmet on is missing so it's more like a strange and somewhat uncomfortable hat (have to get that fixed) but it was wonderful to have my bike out again...whizzed to work in 15 minutes.



azusmom said…
Woo-hooo!!!! I rode my bike just for fun yesterday. It was GRAET!
Scrumpy said…
You're going to inspire me to take mine in. I can't believe I haven't ridden since we moved.
Sagan said…
Awesome! I love riding my bike to work. Get that helmet fixed though, missy :)
The Merry said…
I'm glad you've got sunshine and a working bicycle! That's an unbeatable combination. It's been raining here for months (no, really). But these last two days have been sunny, and I've been a human sloth.
I can hear my bike whimpering from the garage... it sounds lonely and neglected.
I hang my head, ashamed :(
Lucas said…
YAY for bicycles! BOO for broken helmets. Mind your noggin Geosomin! :)

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