I miss having Dad's so quiet now.

I posted some reno pics on my other blog. I finished the final coat of blue on the cupboards...and now have a few days break for paint to cure before I can seal grout and such.
Right now, lots to do. Maybe even sleep!
Must run...


Zhoen said...

I'm so sorry you lost your lovely dad. But, at least you had a lovely dad to miss. Doesn't ease the grief, but gives it reason.

Geo said...

Thanks for the sympathy - but I am OK. Thankfully my Dad os OK - but he's been here visiting after my Mum passed away, so there has been a loss. It was conforting for him to be here for both of us, but how overly quiet that he has gone home. He's having a hard time there alone...but it's all part of the process.