I have made it this far. I have become king.

I am a reno slave. But soon I will be king.
Thankfully I seem to be nearing the end - only about a week left...which is good, cause I have other stuff to do! (like my MSc...ahem) and I'm reaching the end of the "this is exciting" and moving into the "let's be done know" mood. My wonderful wonderful Dad has finished all the renos he came to do *(and more) and I've finished putting up and grouting the glass tiles and patched, sanded primed and painted the holes in the wall from the wiring. I've sanded primed and put 1 coat of paint on the cupboards too.
I'm bloody exhausted, but the end is in sight.
It looks freaktastically good.
And George (new stove) works great. I've made pies in him - lime for me and raisin for Dad. He passes the test. He can be my friend...

My Dad has decided to head home today. It will be odd having him gone, but he's done everything imaginable reno wise here that he signed up for and he's not one to sit around. He's nervous to go home, but he was starting to feel like he was putting it off. He has some things to do at home before he heads out with my uncle and aunt to Nevada for the month of March, so I know he'll be OK...just lonely. I had a sniffly goodbye with him this morning.
I hope he'll be OK. It's meant a lot to have him here for both of us, and I'm glad to see him ready to try and figure out life. I'll miss him, but I hope he'll start to figure things out bit by bit...

I'll try and finish my renos this weekend so I can have my life back. I'm getting behind in other things and I want my kitchen done. I might even achieve that if I keep at it like the good little reno slave I have been.
But for now...work...

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