You could say the secret ingredient is salt!

I ditch my hubs and have supper every Wednesday at my brother's. It's a good chance to visit with them.
Last night was an ordeal, mostly for them. Their new student from Japan turned out to be suffering from major depression and despite their best efforts to help her, she needed to go home to get help after a few weeks here. She was not being kind to herself and it was very sad...their students are usually here by choice and love Canada. It was sad to see her go...but I hope she will be happier back at home and get the help she needs. She was not happy here. To try and cheer them up we watched a funny movie and ate comfort food...

And the meal, while it was mostly delicious, to me was was very very salty. Thing is, I've stopped cooking with salt. It's in baking (half the dictated amount) and other than that I leave it out, as it tends to be in enough component spices and such to give me the salt it needs. I rarely add it, unless something is "missing" in a flavour...and MAN when I eat at other places where they use salt I can't ignore the salt. I put out the shaker for company and family when they are over and notice how they usually find the need to put some on (which is fine). J and I have remained low sodium...and I just can't go back. Maybe it's that I'm slowly coming down with a cold despite my best efforts and some of my tastebuds are on vacation, but last night's meal was so incredibly salty. I still tasted the salt after the meal and had to have a mug of tea to cleanse my palate.

Anyone else find your palate changed when you changed your eating habits??


CherylK said…
I agree with you except I still love salt. Just less of it. But I have stopped eating white rice and white bread and now that I'm used to the nutty goodness of whole grains, the white stuff seems tastless to me. Nice blog! Am looking forward to reading more. And thanks for stopping by mine! Nice to meet you :-)
Zhoen said…
Oh, yeah. I like surface salt, like on pretzels or nuts, but not a dish with salt throughout. Much prefer hot spicy food.

Since I stopped drinking pop, I like sugar a lot less, too.
Geosomin said…
I'm starting to think part of it was my cold coming on. FOr a few days until I was (whee) full on sniffle-sick, weverything (even water) was tasting salty.

Very very wierd...

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