So. Tired.

It's been 2 nights in a row up until midnight doing kitchen stuff. (and a bit of MSc work...because I'm really really behind. Heh. Nervous? Why no...eep)
Nothing makes you cheerful like trying to slide on side panels to a stove at midnight when you're tired.
According to the guy in the store "they just pop right on!"

Um yeah...sure...if you're coordinated. It took Dad and I over half an hour and much crank...

BUT the stove is now in the kitchen *with* sides, ready to be installed today by Mr. Gas Dude. And Dad is putting in the range hood too... Then this weekend I can paint the cupboards and grout the tile...and maybe get my kitchen (and spare time and sanity) backby NEXT weekend...

oh lordy...


Tom Bailey said…
Work like this can be very rewarding because you get to see some results as you are going and the results are not as hidden as they are in some life efforts.

It does remind me of doing remodeling work as a kid that was not fun at times ... but it does remind me of the fun of using a sledge hammer during a kitchen remodel.. there is something fun about pounding with a sledge hammer.

Best regards,
Tom Bailey
Hope it all went well and that you've gotten a chance to catch up on sleep!

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