Day 1: One more time...

Well, I managed to crawl out of bed this morning and worked out. Because I was a bit behind and had a bunch of miscellaneous stuff to do I cut my workout to 35 minutes on the elliptical at 15% incline. It felt nice to workout. I could have gone time I will. It's been a few weeks and my asthma has been all crazy lately. I didn't want to totally overdo it. Then I had a good breakfast and packed a healthy lunch.
Now comes the rest of the day...the harder part.
Everything is so normal...making it very very, well, wierd.
Makes me wonder who else is wandering around out there with a big hole in their chest and I don't know about it...
I resolve to be kind to everyone today. Just in case they're out there too.

Have a good day all...

Workout tunes: Prodigy - Fat of the Land


Charlotte said…
I know that feeling. ((hugs)) my friend:)

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