Well, this AM I got up and made healthy breakfast and some situps, but then got distracted by some cats and some moping, so when I got back on track that was sort of that for the working out. Not much for it really. My Dad is coming to stay with us for a while tomorrow. It will be good to see him...but Mum's absence will be very obvious. But in my family, we're strongest together and my Dad needs some company right now. So he''s going to come and putter away at our kitchen and stay here until he feels a bit better and ready to be home alone again.
SO yeah...every day is new. I can eat healthy today and go from there. I'm looking forward to teaching my Dad how to cook simple healthy foods so I know he's not living on omelettes :)

Last night I discovered an awesome new way to make spaghetti squash - one of my favourite things. I just cooked it in the microwave as per usual, but before I served it, instead of just adding a bit of butter and salt I sauteed up some red peppers, red onion and some garlic and a bit of bok choy with some italian seasoning and pepper and tossed that in with a bit of butter and mixed it all up together and MAN. BEST side dish ever. I made almond crusted chicken to go with it. Mmmm...

Anyways. I'm daydreaming about food now. Oops. :)
I'll do my best to be healthy today and try and get in the ab challenge put out there over on Fitjerk and tried out by the Great Fitness Experiment. I admit - Ihave been shamed into trying it by Charlotte - if someone who jsut had a baby can do it (and look that amazing to boot) I figure I need to get at it. :)

Have a good day. I will do my best to do the same.


The Merry said…
Mmmmm.... must try that recipe :)

dicake -- even Mr. Word Verification is anti-sweets today
Yum Yucky said…
Daydreaming about food! we have that in common. And sometimes my greediest dreams become reality. Ooops.
Charlotte said…
Haha! Thanks for the smile, you totally made my day. Hope you enjoyed the ab workout!

PS> the word verification for me was "torte" apparently it got over its anti-sweet bias! OR the universe is trying to tell me something.

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