Snow one, Geo zero

Well, according to this AM I only gained 1.5.
Ah well. What can ya do.
I'm not so bothered by that as I am by the fact that I slipped and twisted my knee this morning while wading through the mountains of snow to the bus. I felt a stab and actually said OW!.
Not good. It's officially sore now. There's a ridiculous amount of snow at the moment (transit and work shut down over the weekend - for here, that's huge. It's a whole lotta snow...)
So no working out for a little while I guess...more than a little frustrating. I let off the workouts all weekend to be nice to my knee and it had improved a great deal...but after this Am I think it needs some more love...I'm going to be nice to my knee for a few days and see what happens. I will still do come ab and arm workout stuff in the mornings (the non leg parts of my ball DVD and some other stuff) so I don't feel like I'm doing nothing, but I am not liking the prospect of no cardio for a while. It's freezing and blizzardy at the moment. And I have a few pounds to lose back it would appear...what's a labrat to do?
On the plus side, I learned this morning that part of my graduate tuition fees go towards free use of the athletic centre here on I might just see what I can do with that next week if the whole knee thing is still an issue. Perhaps I can swim or do some treadmill walking in the AM before work (the elliptical at home hurts the knee at the moment so I'm exnaying it for a bit). You never know. Perhaps I can go all alternative on my knee...
Anyone know any non kneeifying cardio I can do?
I'm really wanting to keep with the fitness...I refuse to let this get in the way of things, but I definitely don't want to make an nice reoccurring injury for myself by not being nice to it so it can heal... *sigh*
Here's hoping it clears up soon.
Have a good day everybody!


Sagan said...

I wonder if yoga would help with the knees? Granted, it's not really "cardio", but still... other than that, I'd say swimming is probably the best bet. Although I think that my friend used the stationary bike when her knee was bummed (for myself, though, I always found that the bike HURT my knees). Walking is usually pretty gentle, too.

Charlotte said...

That sucks about your knee!! Non-knee cardio... swimming? One-legged jumping jacks? Kidding! On the plus side, I find it a LOT easier to keep my eating in line when I'm not working out. Perhaps you should just rest the knee and focus your attention on healthful eating?