Dad is here

Yesterday was a long long day - lots of work. I had a healthy lunch and supper, but not much as far as workout - my knee really hurts from all the stairs I have to do at work. My Dad arrived and we had supper at my brothers. It's good to see him.

Today after work I'm skipping dance class as Dad wants to go shopping - poor guy. He was complaining about his clothes and so I offered to take him out to buy some clothes in stores I know he'll like and then I can hem them and run through washing instructions for them with him. He's doing OK on his own, but things like this really throw him for a loop...he and Mum used to do all that together and he really didn't pay too much attention to details. He went shopping on his own, got frustrated and came home with clothes he doesn't really like and now feels frumpy and uncomfortable on top of everything else-frustrating. I figure the least I can do is help him feel a bit more comfortable in his own skin for a while, and help him figure out what to look for when he goes next time.
I'm trying to find the balance of doing everything for him and helping him do stuff so he can more easily adjust to things as they are now. My first instinct is to do everything and I know it's not right.
It'll be nice to have him here for a while...I can't imagine what it's like for him. When you marry your best friend and then they're gone? Wow. I know for me it's like she's just going to walk in the room any minute now. It's going to take a long time to get over that feeling.
It's his birthday tomorrow so we're taking him out for supper. His favourite thing is raisin pie...I admit to having no idea how to make it (I *hate* raisin pie - way too sweet) but I'll try and track down a recipe to make him one on the weekend...Mum used to make him one on his birthday. It just seems like the thing to do...

Curiouser and curiouser

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